David Jenyns
David Jenyns


  • Integration of thorough systems and processes
  • The transformative impact of Architectural Project Management for team efficiency
  • Cultivation of a consistent, unified approach to complex tasks


Ruth Newman Architect’s Story

At the heart of Sydney’s architectural boom sits Ruth Newman Architecture, a versatile and forward-thinking firm with 15 years in the business. Handling an array of projects from modern residential homes to intricate government office fit-outs, the firm’s small but mighty team of five thrives on diversity. Their success is a testament to their adaptability and commitment to innovation, particularly in the realm of how to grow an architecture firm amid shifting governmental and market landscapes.

The Challenges

In the realm of architecture, systemization can be a complex puzzle. Ruth Newman, the founder, perceived early on that even though systems were paramount, ingraining them into the company’s culture was a battle. Despite these hurdles, there was an evident need to streamline processes and foster a collaborative working environment where the methods of one did not clash with the collective goals of the firm.

The Solution

Embracing SYSTEMology® and systemHUB transformed the way Ruth Newman Architect operated. What resonated with Ruth was the platform’s multidimensional approach to learning and task management. With Architectural Project Management now in place using Asana, the company found its rhythm, linking systems to daily tasks and ensuring clarity across all projects. Linda, their Systems Champion, played a crucial role in educating the team, showcasing the tangible benefits of adhering to a systems culture beyond just improving business operations.

Ruth Newman Architect’s Story
Ruth Newman Architect’s Story

What’s Next?

Moving forward, Ruth Newman Architect is poised to showcase their system-driven workflow to a broader audience. By establishing a robust and adaptable foundation of systems, they are prepared to scale, take on more ambitious projects, and assert themselves as an industry leader.

For architecture firms seeking growth and operational excellence, adopting a strategic approach to how to grow an architecture firm, complete with sophisticated architectural project management, can be the cornerstone of future success. For a deeper understanding and tailored solutions, check out the SYSTEMology book, and try systemHUB for yourself with a free 30-day trial here.


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