Membership Pre-Launch Survey

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  • SYSTEMology Membership

    I’m very close to wrapping up the step by step training, software and system templates in the SYSTEMology Membership and I need your help to make sure I’ve covered everything.

    Where the SYSTEMology book gives you the knowledge, the SYSTEMology Membership has everything you need to put it into practice and systemise your business in the next 90 days.

    I’ve been working away on this in the background for the last few months and we’ll be releasing it in early June.

    The training will include video tutorials, workbooks and all the system templates you need.

    I’m going to cover all the tools I use, how to create a “systems culture” in your business and the exact systems I use when working with 1:1 case study clients to implement SYSTEMology.

    However, I need your help! Before I finalise everything and hit the publish button, I need to make sure we’ve covered everything.