SYSTEMology® Services Explained

General overview

We have designed the SYSTEMology™ process to the best, fastest, most effective way for you to take an owner-centric-zero-systems business to one which operates like a well-oiled machine. The aim: to make it as fast, and simple as possible to capture and document the core processes within your business. The best news is, the bulk of or work is done independent of the business owner!

We follow our propriety 7 step process that delivers amazing, consistent and reliable results. It all starts with the Critical Client Flow™ (CCF) where we identifying the central systems required to deliver your product or service. We then identify the departments within your business and who’s best suited to work with the SYSTEMologist to capture your exisiting processes.

Your team will meet with the SYSTEMologist virtually for weekly 90 minute capture sessions where we can record how your business delivers it’s core product/service. This is a relaxed environment where team members simply share what they do in their daily jobs.

That’s your part done. We’ll take it from there.

At the end of each capture session, we’ll take the recording, transcribe, edit and format into smart operating procedures (SOPs). These systems are then organised and stored within your complimentary account.

Your SYSTEMologist will bring all this together, running micro workshops to get your team’s “buy in” and answering the age old question “how do I get my team members to follow the system?”. All this comes together over a 90 day period.

Of course, it doesn’t have to end there, we’re here to support you into the future too. Once you work with a SYSTEMologist, you’ll want to work with them forever. Fortunately we make it easy with no contracts, no hidden fees and simple monthly pricing.

There are many obvious benefits that come from working with a SYSTEMologist – from increased efficiency, to reduced waste, to more time freedom, to increased business valuation! That said, the biggest gains are often not so obvious at the outset, it’s not till you go through this process that you’ll realise what has been missing in your business all these years.

Critical Client Flow™ (CCF) Session:

  • 90 minute strategy session
  • Critical systems identification
  • Flow chart and visual representation
  • Prioritisation and action plan

SYSTEMology® Done For You:

  • Everything included in the CCF package
  • Weekly 90 minute extraction sessions
  • Sessions converted to step-by-step systems and processes
  • Organised and delivered in your complimentary systemHUB™ account
  • Team training materials, best practise systems and guidance

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