David Jenyns
David Jenyns


  • Dramatic improvement in project management for book publishing
  • Enhanced team collaboration and clarity for all staff
  • More time for strategic activities and business growth


Softwood’s Story

Founded by Maddy Glenn, Softwood Self-Publishing is a beacon of excellence in assisting authors on their journey to publication by providing a suite of essential services. As champions in their field, they offer editing, design, printing, formatting, and distribution, all under one roof, along with post-publication marketing and distribution support.

The Challenges

Maddy felt the pressure of managing several distinct functions required to publish a book. Each project was unique, and with bespoke client requests, the complexity of project management escalated. The team faced difficulties in coordinating tasks and ensuring consistency, which led to a stressful environment, especially during periods of high client demand.

The Solution

The turning point for Softwood came through networking, where Maddy was introduced to SYSTEMology. This marked the inception of a significant shift. Embracing SYSTEMology allowed Maddy and her team to create flexible systems that streamlined project management from inception to completion. This was a vital step, especially given the bespoke nature of their services.

Adopting a systems mindset, they implemented monday.com for centralized management, fostering clear communication between freelancers and full-time employees alike. This brought everyone onto the same page, easing staff onboarding and boosting productivity.

The introduction of systems didn’t just refine existing processes; it also facilitated a strategic reassignment of roles between Maddy and her co-director, leading to more efficient departmental operations and freeing time for both directors to focus on business development.

Softwood's Story
Softwood's Story

What’s Next?

With Self-Publishing Systems firmly in place, Softwood is now poised to elevate its service delivery to even greater heights. They’ve demonstrated that even the most tailored of businesses can benefit from systems, ensuring exceptional leadership in the book publishing arena.

If you’re looking for a publishing partner that thrives on efficiency and bespoke service, Softwood is your go-to. Ready to learn how systems can transform your business for operational excellence? Click here and start reading SYSTEMology today.


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