FREE Live Webinar For Business Owners.

How to build a profitable business that works without you.

6PM Thursday March 3rd

AEDT - Melbourne, Australia
Smart Operating Procedures (SOPs):
How You & Your Business Can Benefit.
In this webinar you will discover how entrepreneur David Jenyns runs 2 of Australia's most trusted digital agencies almost on autopilot. Look behind the scenes at his systems, processes and methods and then duplicate them in your business.

Sure systems aren't as sexy as the latest *new* shiny toy but they're perhaps the most important asset within your business.
Note: Webinar limited to 100 spots so book early to avoid disappointment.
Here's What You'll Discover On This *Free* Webinar...
  • Why most business owners can never free themselves from the day-to-day operations of their business and they're forever trapped on the hamster wheel.
  • The quickest, easiest and most cost effective method to create systems and avoid the trap most business owners fall into thinking that they have to do it all themselves.
  • Preview David's revolutionary new software tool designed to strategically increase your business' efficiency, value and ultimately give you more freedom.

Melbourne: 6pm Thursday, March 3rd.

San Francisco: 11pm Wednesday, March 2nd.
London: 7am Thursday, March 3rd.
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