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“Get 14 Of My Best ‘Plug & Play’ System Templates To Boost Your Team Across The Finish Line.”

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No thanks. I don’t want these business changing templates.

Too Much Too Early? Use These Instead For $95: 14 Best Practice System Templates.

Maybe you feel that it’s too early to jump straight into systemising your business. But I have something else that is guaranteed to make your journey a lot easier.

And you can implement it at your own pace without the pressure of workshops, deadlines & coaching calls.

Developed in partnership with experts including Michael E Gerber, Allan Dib, Jack Daly, John Jantsch, Dr. Sabrina Starling, and many more – These 14 swipe and deploy templates give you best practice standard operating procedures (SOPs) and policies you can quickly install into your business without having to figure it out on your own.

How much time and money would you save leveraging industry experts and installing their systems directly into your business?

Here’s what you get…

Get 14 beautifully crafted systems that outline step-by-step how to complete critically important tasks within your business. Each system includes both text and video with the expert hand-holding you through the process.

These systems are curated, optimised and guaranteed to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to develop your own. Best of all, they touch all the departments in your business including: marketing, sales, operations, finance, HR and management.

Here’s an example system you’ll receive:

Let’s take a closer look at each system you’ll gain immediate access to…


1 Page Marketing System: Get marketing guru Allan Dib’s one page marketing plan. It’s the nine-point marketing system that defines your bullet-proof, proven, profit generating marketing plan – so easy anyone can follow it.

Become A Key Person Of Influence: This system helps you cut through the noise and be seen by your target audience as the authority within your industry. Create new opportunities, meaningful connections and attract prospects like a magnet.

Maximise Repeat Business And Referrals: This system outlines the process to turn your business into a referral generating machine. Delivered by John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing, it’s your secret weapon for low cost, high converting leads.

Generate Piping Hot LinkedIn Leads: This system details how to optimise your LinkedIn profile to quickly and easily generate leads from the platform. Extracted from the brain of Adam Houlihan, it’s time to level up your Linkedin game.


Bring Leads Back From The Dead: This system details how to turn your dead leads (and customers) back to life. It’s an automated re-engagement process from Pete Williams – the man FORBES said is “One entrepreneur today that every marketer should be modeling.”

Get Paid Premium Pricing: Avoid the common mistake of underpricing your products and services. Kim Orlesky’s sales system shows you how to charge a premium price and still have your clients falling over themselves to work with you.Avoid the common mistake of underpricing your products and services. Kim Orlesky’s sales system shows you how to charge a premium price and still have your clients falling over themselves to work with you.

How To Create a Sales Playbook: This system outlines the 6 step process to develop a sales playbook: a written manual for your sales managers and salespeople. Developed by Jack Daly, author of Hyper Sales, developing the foundations of a rock solid sales department has never been easier.


People Processes To Scale: This system helps to turn people who just show up to work into team members who look to improve and grow your business like a business owner would. Developed by Rhamy Alejeal, author of People Processes, this could be a gamechangers for you.

Virtual Assistant Recruitment Template: This system gives everything you need to hire and onboard offshore talent. From job ads, to email templates to interview questions – this system is the ultimate shortcut.

How To Hire The Best: This system developed by Dr. Sabrina outlines the step-by-step process to recruit “A-Players.” It’s the perfect compliment to the “Virtual Assistant Recruitment Template” mentioned above. In fact, the true magic happens when you layer the positive benefits of each of these systems.


Unlock Business Profit: This system installs a financial dashboard within your business and equips you with the right questions to be asking. Focus on gross margin, not revenue and discover how to increase your margins by identifying your most profitable clients. Dawn Fotopulos, author of Accounting for the Numberphobic, reveals it all.

Business Financial Control System: This system developed by Meryl Johnston (Bean Ninjas) gives you a solid framework to master your business finances. From getting the right tools, to establishing your bookkeeping timetable – you are guaranteed to increase your profit and cashflow.


Traction Management System: This Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), developed by Gino Wickman and covered in his book “Traction”, outlines the key components of a healthy management system. From setting the vision, to hiring the right people, to setting accountability – you will learn what it takes.

E-Myth 8 Fold Path: This system outlines Michael E. Gerbers’ (author of the E-Myth) step-by-step process for designing, building, launching and growing any business. Model best and you can’t help but win.

*All prices are billed in USD and Australian GST is included where applicable.

No thanks. I don’t want these business changing templates.

Your business is simply a collection of systems.

One thing you will discover going through SYSTEMology (if you haven’t already realised) is that your business is simply a collection of systems. There are sales and marketing systems, finance and fulfilment systems, human resources, and management systems.

You’ll learn more when you read SYSTEMology.

And we’ve spoken about it today.

A fast track to systemising your business is to identify the critical few that drive the majority of results.

Once you’ve identified these systems, you need to extract them.

The goal here is to get all your critical systems documented and stored in a central place so that the team can start to do the work without relying on any one single person.

It sounds easier said than done…

But what if there was an easier way?

Yes it’s true, documenting all of your systems takes work… but let’s say you want to systemise your sales process.

What if, instead of recording how your team currently sells, documenting it, and then optimising it (I show you EXACTLY how to do this in SYSTEMology). Imagine skipping right to an already proven and optimised selling system?

Like for example, Jack Daly’s sales playbook system. A system that has been deployed many hundreds of thousands of times across hundreds of industries. A system developed by a master salesman. How much time would save? It would be almost instant! Because it’s already been done. All your team would need to do is swipe it and deploy it.

It’s the easy way to systemise your business.

That’s what I’m offering you right now.

I still want to help make your life as easy as possible.
I want you to go on vacation!

Even though you might not be ready to get knee-deep, once you are ready, believe me, you’re going to wish you had these templates handy.

I want to give you 14 of the most powerful system templates I have. 14 tested, proven, and optimised systems that you can use within your business RIGHT NOW! Without the weeks or months of trial and error of trying to do it on your own.

Do you really need templates to systemise your business?

The short answer is no, you don’t.

Aside from the Simple Systems Blueprint short cut…

If you want to systemise your business in the shortest time possible, then ‘yes’ you do.

The book you’re buying now is literally everything you’ll ever need to easily systemise your business. Without needing help or guidance ever again. But here’s the thing.

Although over time systems are going to free your time up from the day to day operations – they will help reduce your errors and scale your profits…

Your business is still not yet systemised (otherwise you never would have needed the book). Which means you’re still not yet free. You’re still experiencing the problems that systems are yet to solve for you. Which means time is still a big part of the problem.

As you’ll find in SYSTEMology, building systems doesn’t have to be your responsibility and can be done by your team.

But just because it’s your team doing it, and not you, doesn’t mean the process can’t be accelerated. And whether it’s going to be you, or your team, these templates are going to help you get to the finish line A LOT faster.

Once SYSTEMology shows you how to map out your critical systems, extract them, document them, deploy them and then optimise them. You or your team will then need to go ahead and do it.

Now imagine how much time your team would save if, when it comes down to implementing a system, all you had to do was swipe a ‘plug and play’ template?

These industry experts have done the hard work for you, so that you don’t have to.

My Rock Solid 30 Day
Money Back Guarantee

If within 30 days of you receiving these business changing system templates, you honestly feel like you wasted your money, please let me know and I’ll immediately refund you. No questions asked.

The fact is, I only want to deliver value to you and if you don’t think I have, I don’t want to keep your money. Let me take the risk, I’m confident you’re going to love these.

*All prices are billed in USD and Australian GST is included where applicable.

No thanks. I don’t want these business changing templates.