Become An In-Demand Small Business Systems Consultant

Get licensed as a Certified SYSTEMologist™ and build a flexible, highly profitable and personally rewarding business.

What Is SYSTEMologist Certification?

As a certified SYSTEMologist, you will help small business owners and leadership teams solve one of their biggest business challenges – documenting their core business processes. Best of all, you will be rewarded handsomely and they will love you for it!

Expert Positioning

Your SYSTEMologist Certification gives you immediate expert status. The fact is, we lead, others follow.

Proven Systems

Being certified gives you full access and authorisation to use our proprietary training, tools, and systems.

Worldclass Support

Our job is to give you everything you need to build a tremendously successful SYSTEMology business.

Together We’ll Free All Business Owners Worldwide From The Day-To-Day Operations Of Business.

Who Is This Opportunity For?

We are looking for established small business coaches, consultants, accountants or exit planners around the globe who want to add a new service to grow and differentiate your business! It’s a great opportunity to add an in-demand service to your existing business. Combined with your passion for small business, we will provide the training and support to enable you to thrive!

You’re hard working, enjoy working ‘on’ businesses and helping business owners. Most importantly, you have a passion for business systems! Let’s see if we’re a good fit.

What People Are Saying About SYSTEMology!

Azim Sahu-Khan

The SYSTEMology course covers the essence of getting the main systems into a business, which I feel is the spinal cord of the business that creates the framework of running the business.
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Azim Sahu-Khan
Business Performance Tuning
Nick Ruddle

I think this will give them something tangible to implement in their business. Also, help them achieve less stress and a business that works without them having to be part of that equation.
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Nick Ruddle
ActionCOACH Business Coaching
Ksenija Frelih

With the support and guidance from the SYSTEMology team, I am on my way to becoming the expert in my field, maybe in the whole of Europe. I strongly believe that we can scale as an expert in systemising small businesses.
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Ksenija Frelih
Greg Gunther

I will see us hitting six figures, and you know, I would like to think seven figures in 18 months.
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Greg Gunther
Your Business Momentum
Lisa Hennessey

I would absolutely 100% recommend SYSTEMology if you’re a systems person like I am. And also, if you love getting organised and really want to share it with your clients or potential clients.
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Lisa Hennessey
Teach It Forward
Jeff Borschowa

It’s not a one-and-done service. As businesses grow, they will want to scale. So, if you’re looking at building a lifetime business and adding a constant value to your clients, SYSTEMology™ certification is a pretty easy one to implement.
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Jeff Borschowa
Pharos Business Services Inc.


Hi, I’m David Jenyns

I’m on a mission to free all business owners worldwide from the day to day operations of their business.

In 2016, I successfully systemised myself out of Melbourne SEO Services, hired a CEO, and stepped back from the daily operations. Through this process, I became a systems devotee, founded systemHUB and SYSTEMology, and wrote the book.

From there, I started coaching other business owners on how to do the same thing I did. But I quickly realised that I can’t do it all. Massive numbers of business owners are desperate for help, but I can’t provide the help that they all need.

That’s where you come in. The SYSTEMologist Certification is how you can be part of helping to free business owners worldwide from the day-to-day operation of their business.


Author of the E-Myth

“David is a systems thinker, a creator of the first order, an entrepreneur who has done what I write about, not once, but several times.

SYSTEMology walks business owners through the process they must not only understand, but do.”

About the Certification Program

The SYSTEMologist Certification program is about empowering you to share the exact methods and tools I use when privately working with 1:1 clients to systemise their business.

The fact is, once you have the ability to transform business owners’ lives by helping them to systemise their business so that it works without them, you’ll have an in-demand service that people will pay a premium for.

You’ll be able to glean from my perspective as someone who has experienced both sides first hand. I’ve been both a business owner who systemised my business, and a coach who helps others to systemise their business.

You’ll learn all my tactics, techniques and tools for working with small business owners to achieve the systemisation they so desperately long for.

3 Streams of Income That You Can Earn
as a Certified SYSTEMologist

What’s Included?

As a Certified SYSTEMologist, you’ll receive training (online and live facilitation), tools, templates and ongoing support!


Live facilitated sessions

12 sessions delivered by Dave Jenyns via Zoom (recordings will be available).


SYSTEMologist training program

12 pre-recorded modules detailing the SYSTEMologist business model. Over 40+ hours of material.


SYSTEMology® membership

Includes detailed SYSTEMology course modules and systemHUB software access.


Exclusive SYSTEMologist mastermind

Attend regular Zoom meetings for support and Q&A.


Documentation & Templates

Get access to all of our contracts, checklists, proposals, marketing material and more – customisable to suit your needs.


The SYSTEMology Vault

This template library is the quickest and most effective way to systemise any business.


SYSTEMologist partner program

Highly attractive and ongoing compensation plan for range of additional products and services.


Write for our blog

Get exposure and build your profile by writing articles on the SYSTEMology website – includes all attribution and high quality link.


Be a guest on our podcast

Get exposure and build your profile by appearing on our podcast – Business Processes Simplified. Perfect positioning for you as the expert.


SYSTEMologist Network

Join our high quality network of like-minded peers from around the globe. Some of our best innovations and connections have come directly from our members.


Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

When is the next group starting?
Our next Certification cohort starts on January 19. Please note that we stop accepting people well before that date (exact application deadline TBD) and we are only accepting 20 participants. So don’t delay getting on board, or you might risk needing to wait until a future cohort.
How much does it cost?
If you were to go elsewhere to get a comparable level of training, certification, access to branded assets, and support from our staff, it would be called a franchise, and it would be $10,000+ (if not hundreds of thousands of dollars—top tier franchises like McDonald’s require you to have $750,000+ in liquid assets).

Fortunately, getting certified as a SYSTEMologist is a whole lot more affordable than that. Your investment for the first year’s license, including your core 12-week training, license to use our intellectual property and brand, membership within the global community of like-minded SYSTEMologists, access to sell the SYSTEMology products, and much more, is $6440 USD if you choose the full-pay option, or you can choose the payment plan, which is a one-time deposit of $1495 USD plus 11 payments of $495 USD per month. Maintaining the membership after the first year is $495 per month. Australian GST is extra if applicable.

As a trade-off, you’ll be able to charge tens of thousands of dollars to your clients for the services you provide, which will more than cover your membership.

What is the return on my investment?
There are three (3) ways to earn an income as a SYSTEMologist (as outlined above). Selling and delivering only one Concierge project per quarter, together with facilitating one Catalyst group every 6 months, with 8 businesses in each group, at our recommended pricing, will generate more than $94,000 USD. This would be an approximate 13x return on your investment each year.

This income does not include any income for SYSTEMology membership sales referred by you, OR from additional opportunities for your other services from these clients.

Your results may vary depending on the amount of time and effort you put into revenue-generating activities.

Would I be a good fit?
If you are a business coach, consultant, or advisor, you will be a great fit. You’ll also be an excellent fit if you provide B2B services in another capacity. For example, accountants and exit planners have become amazing SYSTEMologists. And if you’re not in roles yet, but you love systems and want to work with small businesses in a coaching or consulting capacity, SYSTEMology could be a great way for you to get your start in a field that’s not as crowded.

On the other hand, you would NOT be a good fit if you are looking for someone to supervise you at every step to make sure you are implementing what is being taught. We recommend you do not apply if you are not a self-starter or not planning or able to show up and put in the work.

In addition, if you would have to go into debt to join the Certification program, or if you do not have any cash flow or income for the first 6 months, and you are expecting the Certification program to be your primary source of income in the short term, we recommend that you do not apply, as this kind of scarcity on the front-end can lead to short-term thinking and decision-making, which are not conducive to you being successful at the program.

Is it hard to find clients?
Business owners worldwide know they need to systemise. They are longing to step away from the day-to-day operation of their business. They may not have had a proper vacation in years. They’re burning out and desperate to achieve the reality of a systemised business, but they just don’t know how to get there.

They typically started the business with the dream of having freedom, only to find that the company they’ve created is a far more demanding job than the one they left. They feel frustrated over not being able to step away. And if they allow themselves to look around, they’re often jealous of other business owners who have successfully systemised their business.

They know they need help, and if you show them that you can help, you’ll have them eating out of your hands.

While ANY business could potentially use your help, the “sweet spot” in our experience is to work with business owners who have a team of 5-50 people. We’ve found that those are typically going to be your best clients, because they’re at the stage where systemisation can help them the most..

How much time do I need to devote to the program?
We have designed the SYSTEMologist Certification program to fit into your already-existing life. We understand that you have things going on, clients you may already be serving, and ongoing commitments that you can’t necessarily put on hold.

Many of our SYSTEMologists have added this certification to the mix of services they already offer to their clients. Others have continued running a business while participating in the certification. That being said, we also want to make sure you have the margin that allows you to focus on the training, to participate in the group, be a contributing member, and get the most out of it. We recommend that you budget at least 5 hours per week for the first 12 weeks as you’re earning your certification. Once you are certified and are serving clients, the amount of work you take on will be up to you.

Here’s How To Get Certified as a SYSTEMologist

Congratulations! Becoming a certified SYSTEMologist is a great way to advance your career, provide value to the marketplace, and have a solid offer in an area where people are hungry for help.

The process is simple:

  1. Apply
  2. Train
  3. Launch


Step 1. Apply

To apply, you can start with either of these options:

Chat with Eric, our Head of Business Development
Schedule a call where you can get your questions answered and chat with Eric about whether you’d be a good fit. This is an informative session, NOT a hard sales pitch.


Complete the application process

Start with an in-depth questionnaire and finish with an interview with a SYSTEMology representative – together we’ll ensure we’re a good fit.


Step 2. Complete the 12 week core training

The Certification program is a combination of online learning, live facilitated sessions and real world application. We will provide full support to ensure your full competency.


Step 3. Launch and scale your business

After your 12-week training period is over, we will continue to support and grow with you as we take this message worldwide.

Take Action Today

If you love systems, love small business, and love helping to coach and train business owners to reach their goals, you will love being a SYSTEMologist.

The next cohort is starting soon, so don’t hesitate to apply. You’ll be part of an intimate setting where you’ll get top-notch training and a collaborative environment. You’ll elevate your own skills and knowledge. And you’ll get access to products that will make your clients so successful, they’ll love you and rave about you to all their friends.


Become a SYSTEMologist Now