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David Jenyns

Becoming A SYSTEMologist



  • SYSTEMology® provides Business Performance Tuning with a solution for training franchise owners on building a business beyond the typical training that franchisors offer on how to deliver their services or products into the marketplace.
  • While implementing SYSTEMology inside a client’s franchise business, Azim was asked to take over the running of the entire franchise for at least 12 months.
  • The SYSTEMology certification process has helped Azim differentiate his consulting business from all other consultants in the franchising space.

Business Performance Tuning’s Story

Founded by Azim Sahu-Khan, Business Performance Tuning provides end-to-end business process consulting for franchise businesses.

He helps clients dive deep into the finer aspects of systemising a business and suggesting practical ways to scale up. He diagnoses and pinpoints the areas in franchise businesses that can be ramped up to achieve the desired results and pave the way for the next growth phase.

Business Performance Tuning aims to empower businesses to run efficiently even in auto-mode, thus helping business owners free valuable time to focus on bigger things at hand.

Azim Sahu-Khan
Certified Business Coach

The Challenges

Having run a successful business that catered to franchisees, Azim felt the need to have a flexible set of systems that could be applied in a franchising model.

He also realised that franchisors were great at handing down systems and processes to franchisees to deliver their goods or services into the marketplace. However, they failed to provide the systems and processes around how to run a business, such as debt collection, accounts receivable, etc.

“Franchisors are very good at giving the systems and processes to their franchisees on how they need to deliver their services or products into the marketplace.

Where it falls over in many cases is franchisors do not, and there’s a grey line there in terms of what their responsibilities and liabilities are, provide the systems and processes on how to run a business.

You know, accounts receivable, chasing up bad debts, how you go about following up your quotes, and all that sort of thing.

SYSTEMology gives me the ability for franchisors to deliver that as part of their greater system. And that’s where the sweet spot is, and that’s the bit that’s missing.

The key reason a franchisee buys into a system is that they don’t want to do the heavy lifting of building a business from scratch, and the branding is already there, and there’s a safety net of support and a good product and branding and that sort of thing.

But they’re often coming out of being employeed as an employee in a job, or they’re coming out of some other situation. So they have limited experience with running a business, collecting debts, and collecting money.

So, the advantage of SYSTEMology for the franchise system is – here’s a great formula to put into a business to help them do that.”

The Solution

Azim came across the SYSTEMology certification and resonated with its approach towards systemising businesses. The course gave Azim the key deliverables to help franchisors pass on measurable ways to conduct business operations to their franchisees. Another interesting result was the finding that a ‘systems model approach’ designed for one franchisee could support another franchisee.

“If we have a system that one of the franchisees uses for local marketing, we can just take that whole system and plug it into another franchisee within the same system. And boom! They are getting the same results in their area. The SYSTEMology course helped discover a defined set of systems that serve a certain purpose, and it worked like magic.”

The certification allowed Azim to create a system for building systems. He could then place that system inside the franchisee’s business with the franchisor’s process around it, giving him a more hands-off approach in managing his clients and their franchises.

World-class training and a global community of SYSTEMologists®

When asked about the cohort that he participated in, Azim shared the following:

“I got the opportunity to work with different kinds of businesses and hear the context around other people’s applications. From small to multi-million dollar businesses and how the systems therein are being implemented. I am getting 20 people’s experience in the same physical space at a time rather than having to spend the next 50 years doing it myself.”

“The SYSTEMology course covers the essence of getting the main systems into a business, which I feel is the spinal cord of the business that creates the framework of running the business.”

Azim feels that SYSTEMology certification stands out from other certification programs in the depth of its knowledge.

“David and his team are out there and implementing SYSTEMology every day. The level of depth that we go into during our training calls is second to none.”

In a nutshell, he describes the course as accountable and collaborative, which gives participants the freedom to move and get their answers.

“If you want to help business owners get free of the ball and chain, just go and do the SYSTEMology course.”

What’s Next?

Azim shared that his most significant win to date occurred when he was asked by one of his SYSTEMology implementation clients to take over the running of their franchise for the next 12 months (at a minimum).

He’s excited to be given the opportunity and also delighted by the prospect of offering SYSTEMology as a unique solution to franchise consulting clients moving forward.

Looking to add SYSTEMology to your existing business as a value-add for your clients and become an in-demand small business systems consultant? Click here to learn more.

A Simple Solution For Small Business Systems & Training

Gain clarity, improve performance and get your whole team onboard.


Struggled to find a solution that helped apply systems building in a franchising model.


Developed a suitable way to assist franchisees to run their business operations successfully.


Recommends the SYSTEMology course to everyone looking to serve franchise business owners to deploy meaningful systems.

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