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David Jenyns


  • Finding Harmony: Attention to detail with big-picture vision
  • Training Transformation: Streamlining onboarding for success
  • Thriving Together: Cultivating a resilient culture through systems


The Humane Society’s Story

The Pikes Peak Humane Society, known for its unwavering commitment to animal welfare, has been at the forefront of incorporating systems and processes into its operations. As they expanded to five locations with services ranging from animal law enforcement to wellness and vet services, the need for a consistent and accessible system for over 250 staff members became evident.

The Challenges

Each location operated semi-autonomously, with varying team sizes and responsibilities, creating a risk of inconsistent practices. The challenge was to ensure that procedures were standardized and easily accessible, empowering staff across all levels and departments to work cohesively.

The Solution

Enter the role of the Systems Champion – a lynchpin in the process of becoming a business process manager. Embodying a balance of detail-oriented precision and the ability to grasp the overarching goals. The Systems Champion ensures that training, SOPs, and best practices are not just documented but are living, breathing aspects of the organization’s culture.

What’s Next?

The Humane Society’s commitment to a systems-driven approach has led to enhanced transparency, communication, and self-sufficiency among staff. This reflects the indispensable value of the Systems Champion in not only addressing immediate challenges but also paving the way for sustainable growth.

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