David Jenyns
David Jenyns


  • Newly implemented systems improving onboarding and operations
  • Enhanced confidence in managing increased workloads and responsibilities
  • A journey from occupational therapist to Systems Champion


Lime Therapy Mildura’s Story

Kaleb, an occupational therapist at Lime Therapy Mildura, took a pivotal turn in his career when he embraced the role of a Systems Champion. With only two years of professional experience since his graduation, he found himself at the core of driving efficiency and standardization within the multi-disciplinary healthcare team. His journey is not just about personal growth, but about transforming how the entire team operates and serves the community’s allied health needs.

The Challenges

Joining Lime Therapy Mildura brought Kaleb face-to-face with the complexities of healthcare services. The steep learning curve and the need for consistency across various disciplines presented a significant challenge. It was apparent that the absence of structured systems could lead to inefficiencies and gaps in service delivery, especially for someone new to the business.

The Solution

Kaleb’s systematic mindset and his penchant for organization made him an ideal candidate for the Systems Champion role. Management’s trust, combined with SYSTEMology’s methodology, created an environment where Kaleb could thrive. His ability to detail and his analytical skills allowed him to work closely with seasoned professionals, distilling their expertise into processes that everyone could follow. This initiative not only streamlined business operations but also empowered Kaleb, giving him insights into business management early in his Junior Business Process Manager career path.

What’s Next?

Lime Therapy Mildura has taken a significant step forward in optimizing their daily activities. Its commitment to SYSTEMology® has laid a robust foundation for ongoing growth and continuous improvement.

Are you looking to enhance the efficiency of your business? Embracing a systems mindset and the Systems Champion role can revolutionize how you work. To learn more about how having a Systems Champion can benefit your business, click here.


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