David Jenyns
David Jenyns


  • Seamless operational handover to the next generation
  • Innovative use of systems for independent team functionality
  • Comprehensive approach to systemizing for business growth


Stannard Family Homes’ Story

From its origins as a carpentry business, Stannard Family Home has grown into a notable $15 million custom home builder in Adelaide, South Australia. Ryan, the owner, credits this expansion to a disciplined approach to systemization, encouraged by the Association of Professional Builders.

The Challenges

In the highly systematized building industry processes, it can be challenging for small builders to implement structured systems. Stannard Family Homes faced this hurdle as they transitioned from a solo operation to a thriving enterprise. The need for consistent processes became paramount with the increase in scale and complexity of their projects.

The Solution

The cornerstone of Stannard Family Homes’ transformation was the development of a systems manual and utilization of systemHUB. This resource became integral for training and standardizing operations across the board. By establishing clear systems and aligning with the Association of Professional Builders’ focus on building industry processes, the company was able to empower its staff and ensure fluidity in its operations.

Ryan’s success in systemization is exemplified through the advancement of his daughter within the company. Initially inexperienced, she quickly adapted to the systemized environment, which paved her way to becoming the assistant manager, demonstrating how reliable systems can propel even the most novice employees to new heights.


What’s Next?

As Stannard Family Homes looks to the future, it aims to leverage its well-established systems to facilitate the rebuilding of homes in rural areas and beyond. Their systems have evolved beyond a set of instructions; it’s now the DNA of the company, allowing for consistent quality and efficient training of new team members.

By establishing a Systems Champion, your company can look forward to the kind of structured growth that Stannard Family Homes has achieved. It’s about creating a legacy where the business thrives, whether you’re present or not, and preparing a path for seamless transitions and expansions in the future.

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