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Case Study Highlights

  • Staff can now work efficiently and confidently under their own steam

  • More time for the founder and general managers to run the business

  • A ‘shift in thinking’ for how a company operates

Porter Vac: Roof Maintenance Experts

Porter Vac is a specialist gutter cleaning and roof maintenance company based in Melbourne.  Set up by Dave Porter in 2003, the company offers a unique selling point to its customers.  It was the first specialist gutter cleaning service of its kind to be established nationwide.  The firm is now regarded as more than just a roof care specialist by its ever-growing catalogue of happy clients.

The Challenges

Porter Vac was able to hit the ground running as a specialist service like no other in Australia.  However, in time, founder Dave Porter realised that his company needed systems to help grow his brand.

“I was very aware that we needed the systems and I needed to put the work in, to scale the business,” Dave confirms.  “But I just don’t feel I physically have the time and the latest experience.”  Dave’s story will resonate with many companies whose time is swallowed up by day-to-day running.

“I’m starting to realise I’m just not capable of it,” Dave says, referring to his previous view of systems.  Has the roof maintenance expert been able to expand his company’s horizons with a systems overhaul?

The Solution

David Porter

David Porter – Porter Vac Director

Dave was made aware of SYSTEMology® via friends.  He was soon keen to explore the idea of introducing systems into his operation.  “SYSTEMology® definitely resonated with me as something that we could implement,” he explains.

How has approaching SYSTEMology® helped the daily running of Porter Vac?  “I’ve had to change my thought process,” Dave explains.  “I’ve gone from just assuming that everybody’s got common sense.”

“Not everybody has got common sense.  Everybody needs a system to follow, which has been a bit of a mind shift for me!”

SystemHUB has allowed Dave and the Porter Vac team to delegate efficiently.  It’s also enabled his staff to help themselves with standard processes.  “Previously, I had to do it all, or my general manager had to do it all.  And we’re all so busy!”

“This has been a totally different approach, where my staff has worked with systemHUB to get the systems needed.”  Dave reflects positively on the systems experience.  “It’s had minimal input from me.  It’s definitely been something the staff and systemHUB have been doing together.”

What’s Next?

“I’ve gone from just assuming that everybody’s got common sense to now blaming myself – and saying ‘no, not everybody has got common sense’,” Dave advises.  It seems that the introduction of a systems-led approach will continue to give daily confidence to Porter Vac’s staff.

Porter Vac continues to offer commercial and residential roof maintenance care across Melbourne.  With the help of systemHUB, Dave hopes to continue overseeing healthy growth for the business for years to come.

SYSTEMology® resonated with me

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