Systemise your business in 90 days or less.


How it works?

Working with a SYSTEMologist™ is easy and naturally efficient because their sole objective is to document your mission critical systems, all within the initial 3 month engagement.

Best of all this process is designed to work without the business owner being involved. Either click the “get started” below or contact us for a formal proposal.

*Billed in USD and GST is charged where applicable.

Project Timeline:

  • Week #1: Identify and outline the critical systems within your business
  • Week #2: Identify the departments, department heads and assign responsibilities
  • Week #3: Team training – how to best prepare and capture systems
  • Week #4-10: Process extraction interviews and documentation
  • Week #11 & 12: Team training: systemHUB™, integration strategies, identify and outline critical systems for scaling

Please note: While this is a typical application of SYSTEMology®, clients may move faster or slower depending on what’s required.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many systems will you create through this process?

How long will it take to systemise my business?
As you can imagine, this question is a difficult one to answer. All businesses are different – from the level of products and services offered to the size of the organisation. That said, typically a business can see the positive impacts from the systemisation of their business within as little as 3 months.

Beyond the initial engagement, you can continue working with your SYSTEMologist on a monthly basis. Of course, if you’re keen to speed things up, enquire about our “Premium SYSTEMology Package” which includes significantly more process extraction interviews.

Who should be involved in the process?

How are the sessions conducted?
Meetings are conducted via Zoom (similar to GoToWebinar). All sessions typically run between 60-90 minutes and are recorded.
How are systems/processes “approved” before they’re made live?
After each process extraction interview, sessions are loaded into our project management tool. From there sessions are cut into individual systems, documented and loaded to your systemHUB account (or chosen platform). Typically the first draft of a system is delivered within 7 days and you’re given a further 14 days to trial the system and request any changes. Once approved, systems are made active and team members are notified.
What is systemHUB and how much does it cost?
systemHUB is our our preferred platform for storing your systems and processes. systemHUB is secure, cloud based and so easy anyone can use it. Best of all, it’s free while you’re working with a SYSTEMologist. Should you wish to continue using the service afterward, accounts start from as little as $50 per month.

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