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Case study highlights

  • Enhanced project management capabilities

  • More time for client and sales negotiation

  • More freedom for business owners

Digital Thing – Digital Agency

Digital Thing is a specialist agency which has been supplying bespoke WordPress builds for clients since 2014. The brand has grown to offer investors a complete web design experience. From web design strategy through to intricate development and final publication, the team takes as much control as their clients need. WordPress is a sophisticated yet flexible platform. It is generally easy to use but can take time to master.

However, even experts can face daily challenges, big or small.

The challenges

During their growth, Digital Thing struggled to maintain clarity. The brand continues to operate from a small base, and its main operators take much of the reins. Co-founder Michael Coleman offered insight into the daily running of the business.

“One of the biggest issues of being a business owner is getting yourself out of the business, out of the day to day of working with clients –and project management,” he confirms. A lack of definition continued to cause the brand difficulty on a daily basis. Without clear processes, the heads of business were continuing to manage each and every project.

In the long run, this could have impacted upon the firm’s ability to build new client relationships. Therefore, fresh ideas were sought to help free up time for the team. “I’m now in a situation where I have my systemHUB open as I’m doing my process,” Michael Coleman for Digital Thing on the virtues of project management.

The solution

Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman – Co-founder of Digital Thing

SYSTEMology® and systemHUB helped Digital Thing focus on its critical client flow. Getting processes on paper was essential to helping Michael and the team to break free from certain daily obligations. “Everyone in the business was doing things differently,” Michael confirms.

“What (systemHUB) did was it allowed us to share exactly what we do in our day-to-day work life and kind of learn from each other. That was the big win for the team.”

The team realised that they needed to split the roles of operations and project management. With the help of systemHUB and SYSTEMology® in general, Digital Thing have been able to identify their core processes. They have even introduced a new project manager role as part of their business operation. That offers the team more time to pursue new clients and revenue leads.

What’s next?

“As a business owner working with the SYSTEMology® team, you’ll start to realise how much work is actually going into the day to day of business,” Michael concludes.

“If I could give one bit of advice, it would be to engage the SYSTEMology® team in extracting that from your head.”

Growing any business can be hard. However, you might just need to take a crucial step back once in a while. Can systems and critical client flows help to identify problem areas in your business? Simply follow the SYSTEMology® process – start here.

Michael Coleman and systemHUB
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