David Jenyns
David Jenyns

When building a business that has impact. A business that will stand the test of time. You need a dream.

Here’s ours…

Dream: To free all business owners worldwide from the day-to-day operations of their businesses.
Vision: To create the McDonald’s of business systemisation.
Purpose: To make it possible for every business owner to duplicate and improve best practice within their business.
Mission: To invent the system to extract, organise and optimise best practice for business owners.

We based our structure off Michael E. Gerber’s work (from the E-Myth fame) and then combined that with Cameron Herald’s work (Vivid Vision). That is to say, we then took our Dream, Vision, Purpose and Mission and turned that into a PDF that captures our plans. This is then shared with clients, staff and partners alike.

The goal is to clearly state our intention to the world. In this video, David Jenyns discusses the SYSTEMology vision and what makes it unique.


0:04 Freeing business owners from day-to-day operations.
0:20 The birth of the SYSTEMology book.
0:40 What makes SYSTEMology unique?
1:52 Where a lot of people go wrong with SYSTEMology…
2:40 If you manage to deliver, you’ll find SYSTEMology personally & financially rewarding.
3:10 You’ve got to be a special kind of person to be a business owner.
3:32 We help business owners get unstuck.

Formatted Transcription:

The dream that I had about SYSTEMology was to free all business owners worldwide from the day to day operations. You learn a little bit about that in the story as you go through the book. I experienced it firsthand. I started to do some consulting, I started to work with those businesses and watch that transformational change. I said, “oh, we’ve got something unique here.” We really need to bottle this to solve this problem for business owners. And that’s what ended up birthing the systemology book. There are some things about SYSTEMology that make it quite unique.

When I compare it to a lot of previous process improvement methodologies that came before it, things like Lean, Six Sigma, and some of the other methodologies, you hear in the name what it’s all about. They talk about process improvement, but that preassumes you’ve got a process to improve. Systemology is actually the step just before that. It’s about capturing the best practice and how they’re currently doing things, that becomes the new standard, and we’re bringing everybody up to that level. So, it’s that step before some of those other methodologies. And again, it’s that real key distinction that makes it quite unique and actually makes your job as a SYSTEMologist. It’s really about listing, listening, it’s identifying that best practice, extracting it, and then getting it in a location that then other team members can be able to utilize to step in and take over a task whether or not a key person is there.

Sometimes where a lot of people go wrong with SYSTEMology is when they first start with some of their clients, they might overthink things, put too much detail in, and overcommit to the work that they’re going to do within that first three-month engagement.

I’m going to give you some tips and tools to really make sure that you clearly define the scope of work for your client, get really great agreement upfront, and set the expectation for the client so that they feel great about the experience and the problem that you’re there to solve. If you get them a great result in those first few months, if you enjoy working with them, you might sort of work with them well into the future. But your initial piece and a lot of what we’re going to talk about through the training we’re going to go through now is how you deliver those first three months when you’re working with a client and how do you make sure that you really under promise and over deliver on that.

If you do that, I know you’re going to find SYSTEMology both personally and financially rewarding. I know a lot of us are business owners and you’ve felt the struggle. I really feel for business owners and I have a special place for them, being a business owner, how hard you have to work to get a business off the ground. You’ve just got to grind through it. You’ve got to be a special kind of person to be a business owner and to stick with it and really make it work.

A lot of business owners get stuck. What we do is we help them get unstuck to move through that level of, “hey, I’ve got a great product or service, I can get great results. We get repeat business and people refer. But I’m tapped out, I’m maxed out. I’m a central cog in this machine that I’ve built and I don’t know what to do.” We get to come in there and really help them solve that problem.

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