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David Jenyns

identifying your critical processes using systemology

What is a business system?  It is a fairly broad question; it has to be said.  However, nothing is too complicated to break down when it comes to functions and processes.  That, after all, is why SYSTEMology® exists – to help your processes find new definition and purpose.

It’s easy to get bogged down. Organisation for many people is something that happens after the event, not beforehand. Therefore, learning to look at little more closely at what your systems and processes actually do, and what they can potentially create and cause, may seem a little tough to swallow at first.  However, definition is the first step of our program.  If you can’t define what you do, and what the critical factors are in your processes, you’re going to have an even harder time swallowing your results.

Asking The Right Questions

A business system is something which exists for the end result.  To provide necessary scale and coherence to your everyday running.  Systems get from A to B by asking the right questions and providing the right answers.  But how do you get around fine-tuning them to deliver essential results?

SYSTEMology® exists, once again, to simplify matters.  Documenting and understanding what your systems are, and what they ultimately do for your brand, has never been more important.  In this article, we will take a brief look at the first stage of the SYSTEMology® journey, which asks us to define, and to understand, the journey our businesses are undertaking.

Video Transcript:

So step number one, we’re going to be talking about this Define stage. I want to give you the process for identifying the mission-critical systems within your business, those 10 to 15 systems. That will be the game changer. So we’re going to focus on the Critical Client Flow™.

So what is a system?  A system is just simply a series of steps when taken that can produce a consistent outcome. At the base level, life is a collection of systems. So the results you’re getting in life also are by and large primarily influenced by these systems that are running in your life.

The takeaway here that I want you to get is whether you’re conscious of these systems or not; you’re still affected by the result. So if you’re running an unhealthy system, and you’re eating unhealthy food, and you are not exercising, that is an unhealthy system. Over a period of time that will make you overweight.

Whether you knew that was the case or not, doesn’t matter, you will still be affected by the result. So there are many things in life where you are affected by the result, and the key is to become conscious of those. This applies to life. I’m not going to get too woo-woo and bring it back to life and how to systemise it. This is about business and systemising business.

But I need to give a little bit of respect to my Dad for the very first system that I saw. I’ve talked about this before, so some of you may know it. My Dad created a thing called the sheet. Basically he wanted to gamify life for my brother and I. So I was eight, my brother was 10, and we could earn points for doing different things. My Dad identified what he thought the mission-critical systems are in life for having a great life. Things like being good to your brother and cleaning the car and going to bed by a certain time and all that sort of stuff. You could earn points for these, and then at the end of the week, he would tally it up and then that would end up equaling your pocket money.

I figured out how to game the system. I did incredibly well; I got to the point where Dad had to rewrite the rules because he was paying out too much. He had this rewards bonus. If you hit over 500 points for a series of five weeks or more, he would then have to start paying out bonuses on top of that.

It was quite an elaborate system. I figured it out, and I played it incredibly well. The thing is though; he identified what he believed the critical elements are. Now, this is, if I read this, this is what he believes is important for life.

Focus on The Critical

Creating a gamified system is a great way not only to identify which issues require the most critical attention, but it’s also a great way to encourage and motivate.  However, in practice, business systems don’t always work so smoothly.  That is why breaking down and analysing your processes can allow you to gain new insight over what really matters.  Ultimately, it’s about looking at the end result, and how we get there.

SYSTEMology® was designed and cultivated to be as straightforward and as fluid-thinking as possible.  Achieving true clarity in business isn’t always so simple.  With clarity and full consciousness of what your end results may be, you can fine-tune and tweak your existing processes with confidence.  With relative ease, too.  We are focused on helping you achieve that clarity and control step by step.

You can’t expect to leap straight into a process and pluck out its critical features on the first try.  Our program will help you apply a simple formula to your everyday decision-making.  It may also help you to become a little more introspective.

With this in mind, start early by thinking about the end results you wish to achieve.  Think about the bigger picture, and then look closely at the various pieces of the puzzle.  Look at the factors you need to organise and consider their individual effects upon your operation.

Has SYSTEMology® helped you see things more critically?  We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to connect with us today!

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