David Jenyns
David Jenyns

Watch this thought-provoking webinar session led by James Brown (founder BizTech Guru and Certified SYSTEMologist), as he dives deep into the critical yet often overlooked role of a Systems Champion in business growth and success.

Gain valuable insights on the following topics:

* Defining the role of a Systems Champion and understanding its significance
* Identifying the ideal candidate for the role within your organisation
* Empowering and supporting your Systems Champion to achieve optimal results

And much more!

Whether you already have a Systems Champion or are considering creating the role, this webinar is a must-attend. James will also provide information on our upcoming Catalyst program, which offers the support and accountability necessary to optimise the performance of you and your Systems Champion.

About James Brown:

James is a small business expert with a passion for helping entrepreneurs systemize and automate their businesses. Having successfully implemented these strategies in his own business, he is dedicated to giving back by helping others achieve the same success.

With a focus on freeing up time and energy, James believes that small business owners can better focus on growing their businesses and creating positive change in their communities. He has experience working with businesses across various industries and is based in Adelaide, Australia.

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