David Jenyns
David Jenyns


  • Embracing a virtual, contractor-based team model
  • Implementing systems to drive business efficiency
  • Adopting the mindset of testing and learning for continuous improvement


Equibrand Consulting’s Story

As a marketing strategy consulting business situated in the heart of California, Equibrand Consulting has etched its specialty in Upstream Marketing—pioneering the groundwork that precedes the visible spectrum of marketing campaigns. Tim Koelzer, the visionary leader of the operation, has been steering Equibrand with a clear focus on catering to a select few yet substantial clients, ensuring depth over breadth in service delivery.

The Challenges

In the early years, despite grasping the value of systems, Equibrand struggled with implementation. The grandiose systems that were built remained dormant as the team hesitated to initiate action. Caught in the routine of business, important but non-urgent tasks took a backseat. This inaction highlighted a significant roadblock for scaling a consulting business. Moreover, early hiring mistakes led to setbacks, reinforcing the illusion that some tasks simply could not be delegated or systemized.

The Solution

The breakthrough for Equibrand Consulting arrived with the adoption of an iterative approach. Influenced by SYSTEMology and other thought leaders, Tim and his team embraced a ‘test and learn’ ethos. This shift in mindset, coupled with better contractor recruitment strategies and effective use of online tools, has fueled their recent success.

The utilization of platforms like Upwork to harness global talent and create a virtual bench of experts has been a game changer. Equibrand’s strategic hiring process—bringing on multiple candidates for trial projects—allowed them to identify and retain top performers.

This not only improved efficiency but also enabled the consulting business to maintain a lean and adaptable operation.


What’s Next?

Equibrand Consulting stands as testament to the power of systems in the creative and consulting industries. With a robust foundation of processes and a thriving team of experts, they are poised to elevate their services, scale operations, and continue pioneering in the marketing strategy space.

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