David Jenyns
David Jenyns


  • Growth on autopilot: Achieving a systematic approach to scaling
  • Empowering the team for a “helicopter view” of operations
  • Leveraging SYSTEMology for efficiency and scalability


The Sydney Strings Centre’s Story

In the heart of Sydney, resides a family-built haven for musicians, The Sydney Strings Centre. Pioneered by a passionate family in their garage in 1991, this musical instrument business specializes in the violin family, crafting an ensemble of violins, violas, cellos, and double basses. With 32 years of artistry, their showroom and workshop in Chatswood has become the cornerstone for quality and craftsmanship in Sydney.

The Challenges

As the business swelled from a modest team to about 40 employees, the diversity of roles, from luthiers to sales and e-commerce, amplified the complexity of operations. Despite a strong foundation in lean manufacturing, the need for a holistic, systematic approach became apparent. The business had reached a critical juncture where in order to scale and possibly venture into new locations, a transformative step towards a systems-driven business was necessary.

The Solution

Inspired by SYSTEMology, the team embarked on a journey to establish a culture where systems reside at the core. They recognized the need to capture the essence of the business’s processes, to enable delegation and ensure quality and consistency were maintained. Andrea, stepping in as the Systems Champion, injected a human-centric approach, thus aligning with the company’s values while ensuring the efficiency and uniformity of their systems.

Sydney Strings Centre showroom
Sydney Strings Centre team

What’s Next?

With SYSTEMology at the helm, The Sydney Strings Centre is poised for an exhilarating future. Their day-to-day operations have been enhanced, paving the way for potential new ventures and geographical expansion. Embracing systems has not only optimized their current processes but has also sparked innovation and new service ideas, exemplifying the power of a strategic, systems-driven approach.

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