David Jenyns
David Jenyns

There is a distinct difference between running a business and leading a business.

As a business owner, your role goes beyond just managing operations. It’s about setting the vision and mission, building the system-driven culture, and leading by example.

Leaders are visionaries. (Who *cough* understands the importance of systems.) Systems fortify and grow businesses. You know that. But did you know that systems can help your role as a business owner. Empower your team to take on their roles with confidence, steer the ship, and spearhead a thriving company culture.

We have a short but powerful video for you on just this topic. Find out the one habit that will skyrocket your chances of your success – that you haven’t read in any professional development books.


0:03 – As a business owner, what’s your role?
0:30 – This is what your business culture needs to look like..
0:45 – The #1 habit you need to master.
1:39 – Michael Gerber’s genius hack.
2:07 – Do it enough that you get good at it.
2:49 – Create your workflow

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